Billions of dollars in unclaimed property are being held by government agencies, businesses, foreign countries, etc. (“Holders”). There is a good chance that some of this property is being held on behalf of your organization or you personally. Unclaimed Property Solutions can assist an organization (or individual) in recovering unclaimed property in an efficient and cost effective manner.



Unclaimed Property Solutions will assist an organization in identifying unclaimed property that is in the custody of the various Holders.


Unclaimed Property Solutions will provide an organization with the Holders’ specific resources necessary to file claims for unclaimed property for which the organization is the presumable owner.


Unclaimed Property Solutions will advise an organization of the source documentation needed to satisfy and complete its claim recoveries based on the regulations set forth by each relevant Holder.

Follow Up

Unclaimed Property Solutions will assist an organization with addressing any follow-up inquiries generated by the Holders during the process of activating or completing a claim inquiry on behalf of the organization.